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Flamt fiberglass wicks

Flamt fiberglass wicks

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The Flamt candle 3.0 comes standard with one fiberglass wick. This wick has been specially developed for our 3.0 candle/oil lamp. This fiberglass wick is durable and will hardly burn out like traditional cotton wicks. With one fuse you can go months, not years ahead. If he is finished, choose the Flamt fiberglass fuses. 

 In the box: 
- 5 pieces of Flamt fiberglass fuses 
Note: Not suitable for our 1.0 version oil lamp. 

Did you know that around 70,000 BC. oil lamps were used? According to legend, people used to use shells, hollow rocks or other incombustible materials as a container. Fortunately, with time comes knowledge and nowadays we are very aware that this may not be the safest way to ease your life. We want you to enjoy your Flamt as much and safely as possible. We therefore recommend that you read the manual thoroughly before installing and using the Flamt. That way we can make sure you have the best possible experience.
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