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We think it's a shame when new products are thrown away because they have a small scratch, dent or a crooked logo. Therefore, below are our products that are still very beautiful and working, but have suffered a small 'dent' in the production process. Of course for very attractive prices.

This ZieT mirror completes your children's room, living room, hallway or bathroom. It has a unique and timeless design and in the middle of the mirror there are two holes that bring out your wall color. The cute bear ears are made of bamboo. Bamboo is a fast-growing type of wood that also filters a lot of CO2 from the air. The mirror is made of plexiglass that is indistinguishable from a real mirror and is virtually unbreakable, making it safe. Stick the ZieT mirror on your wall with the supplied Nano tape. This leaves no adhesive residue and can be reused.

In the box:
- Sees mirror
- Nano tape

Dimensions: 25x26x1cm
Weight: 275 grams
Material: Bamboo - Acrylic
Color: Brown, Mirror

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