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Flamt LEDT Old Dutch White

Flamt LEDT Old Dutch White

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Discover the modern version of the LED candle with the Flamt LEDT, handmade in the Netherlands. This minimalist LED table lamp is made of high-quality stainless steel and brings a contemporary touch to your interior.

Unlike traditional LED candles, the Flamt LEDT does not mimic a flame. The unique design provides a sleek and modern look, without compromising the warm and atmospheric lighting you are looking for.

With two simple settings - on and off - this table lamp is very user-friendly. When turned on, it will burn for 6 hours and then turn off automatically. It turns on again after 24 hours thanks to the handy timer function.

The Flamt LEDT is not only a beautiful addition to your interior, but also a sustainable choice. The LED lighting ensures a longer lifespan and uses less energy than traditional candles. This way you can enjoy the warm glow without worrying about replacing batteries or melting wax.

Dimensions: 25mm x 295mm
Material: stainless steel
Color: Transparent
Power supply: 3x AAA Batteries (not included)

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